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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Smooth Viking Beard care!

We had the great pleasure of getting this beard care kit from smooth Viking to try put for my husbands long duck dynasty type beard

As you can see he has a long duck dynasty type beard that he needs to take care of. He used to grab ahold of !y conditioner and use large quantities in order to keep it soft and less stiff like a Bristol brush.

Let's start with the beard oil. This is great for him because he says that it takes or reduces the itchiness that his beard some times gives him. He loves the softness and relief he gets from using this. The kids love to pull on his beard and he says the aftermath is a sore itchy beard. 

He also combines it with the beard conditioner which also (balm) helps with the itching but also gives him the extra conditioner that he needs throughout his day too day activities. It smooths the bristle type texture into a soft smooth beard (like your hair after a good conditioning). This enables him to hold the kids without them screaming he is scratching them. 

Lastly the Beard Balm. This is what he uses when the other two do not smooth his beard to where he needs it. He usually uses this when we go out and celebrate birthdays or go to work functions. He says this condioning type balm lasts longer and give him the extra softness that he needs. 

All three in combination is great. At night when I snuggle up to him, I do not cringe anymore at the roughness of his beard and it smells great. We are (especially me and the kids) love this care kit. It makes him not want to shave it and keeps the hubby happy! 


  1. My mister has a semi beard lol I like it he doesn't once it starts getting a bit long

  2. I sure would love to get this kit for my hubby too. He could use some beard softening.