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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Abigail and the Shahara Adventure

We had the pleasure to read another book in the Abigail series

I have been sick with walking pneumonia and my middle son Isaiah wanted to read to mommy while she was sick and snuggled at my feet with the tablet. We read through the Jungle book as well as this Saharar book. This one was unique to the others because I felt it stressed more on family values. To Isaiah it meant he spent more time with mom expressing his ability to read and speak. Wit his speech problems this boo! He sailed through reading and describing every page with enjoyment and understanding. To !e it is almost a miracle that he has progressed so much since reading this series and this book Sahara Adventure proved his learning. I didn't even have to read it to him him first. He just picked it up and started reading on his own. He recalled Abigail his sissy or in his words "baby" to relate it to his younger sister Mikaela. He read it then explained how much enjoyment it gave him and then read it 50 times more.

I highly recommend these books for those who have children who has speech development delays or expressive delays because these books will bring the best of your child. 

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