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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil Reviews Powered by BrandBacker

Thanks to, I was able to review these amazing essential oils. They were perfect for our house and for my diffuser. 

First is peppermint. It is very strong but in a good way. I use about half a dropper Ann's it instantly soothes and clears my sinuses. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia last week and I have been clogged and having issues with breathing. When I used this product in my bathroom in conjunction with my nightly bubble bath, it helped me relax and breathe as if I wasn't sick at all. York peppermint patty or candy canes is what it reminds me of. 

Lemon. This one is perfect for my living. I use this for my diffuser down in the main area. It gives it an elegant citrus smell that reminds my senses of clean and refreshed. It spreads throughout my house and give a clean house feeling which is perfect for company. 

I  recommendedhese products and they will give your home a homey feel while relaxing you as well. 


  1. I have been getting really interested in these essential oils. Love your review! Thank you

  2. I'm always looking for information on different essential oils to try, the peppermint sounds wonderful.

  3. This sounds great! Very relaxing. Thank you for sharing.