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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#1 Portable High Chair + Toddler Safety Harness by Yochi Yochi

I had the pleasure to review this wonderful portable high chair. This chair is perfect for those who have little ones that want to be big boys yet cannot sit still long enough to be trusted to be in a regular chair. My son who is 2 is very independent and wants to be like his older brother. He hate his high chair and our daughter is now 1 and is old enough to use his "baby high chair" as he calls it. This couldn't have come at a better time. 

It is perfect because it can adjust to any chair and he cannot move around or out of it. It can double as a harness as well but we tend to not harness pur children just because they are independent and would rather hold our hands. In the picture he is pulled away from the table and has a rubber duckies in his mouth. It was the only way he would let me take a picture. 

The best part of this highchair is that it is portable and you can clean it. We were able to test this out also when we went to cracker barrel and it worked beautifully. He kept saying he was a big boy and felt that we were treating him as one as well. To be honest, these straps are cleaner and more sturdy than any straps you would come across on a high chair and we feel he is safe in this. I love this product and it will now be my go to highchair for when my kids grow older (toddlers).


  1. Great Review this would be great for my new grandchild that will be born in 4 months.