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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rubber Ducky your the one

These rubber duckies are perfect for little ones! My daughter loves them, especially for bath time. She quacks at them while they are swimming in the tub and tries to swim or imitate them in the water.

When out of the water, she chews (as seen in the picture) and lines them up on the ground and still quacks with them. It has brought great joy in our household and she adores them to where she sleeps with them at night.

Perfect toys for little ones who are learning to play with toys as well as not hindering or becoming a choking hazard.

It was a pleasure to review these duckies for my honest and unbiased opinion. It has brought joy and fun for our whole family. But especially my daughter.


  1. My youngest had so many when she was your babys age! Trick is if you put them in the bath to prevent mold fill the bottom hole on the duck with hot glue :)

    1. Thank you for the tip. I'm going to use that. Usually I throw them away and buy new ones. Your way is more cost effective! Thank you