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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Supernova lantern

Such an amazing lantern that produces a great deal of light. It was perfect for our camping and also when our power went out in a snow storm. The kids absolutely love it and they sat around the lantern and ate dinner. The handle is perfect for them to carry around as well.

They love it so much that they insist that it is their nightlight for their bedroom. When they step out to use the bathroom, they grab the handle and carry it with them to the bathroom!

It has been so handy in our house for many different occasions. Sometimes we just use it as our sole light in the house and enjoy life by the lantern light.

Such a great product to have. I'm so grateful to be selected to review it!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Teething Necklace and Bracelet/Bangle - BPA-Free & FDA Approved Teether - Soothing Pain Relief for Baby (Black)

By orange oval

Another great teething necklace by orange oval. We were given the opportunity to review this set for our honest and unbiased opinion via tomoson. 

While my daughter loved this and wore it constantly, I preferred this one the best because of the color and how it matches my outfits and it stylish to wear outside. I wore this around at Mikaelas birthday party and when I held her, she would yank the necklace to her to chew on while watching all the commotion in the house. 

When we left to go shopping, I kept it on and received many compliments on the necklace and people were shocked to see that it was a soft chewable material. 

Once we returned home, I took the necklace off and she immediately crawled to it and started to wear it like mom did all day. She would pull it up to her mouth and chew as well while crawling around playing with her new toys. Great brand of teethers and helps distract the pain and relive at the same time! 

Teething Necklace and Bracelet - BPA-Free & FDA Approved Teether - Soothing Pain Relief for Baby
By orange ovals

We were given the opportunity to review this beautiful teething necklace from Orange Ovals via Tomoson. 

Once it arrived she grabbed ahold of it and instantly starting gnawing on the necklace. Lately with all her teeth coming it between medicine and and amber teething necklace, she needed something additional for her to chew on. I came with a beautiful bracelet as well and she went to town on chewing. Instead of chewing on my arm constantly, I wore the bracelet and she chewed on that instead. 

It helped calm her and relax her throughout the day and kept her content where we didn't need to give her Tylenol because she would just snuggle it and fall asleep. 

Great product! 

We had the pleasure of reading this book and receiving it for our unbiased opinion.

My son loved this book. He is nine. He said he could relate to the boy Noel because Noel is nine turning ten.

Noel is 9 getting ready to turn 10 and he is an only child. His life is perfect in every way. He has a best friend named Stacey. Noel is preparing to celebrate his new age when he encounters Spook a monster who lives 8n his basement and eats lint. He also loves or likes tea. Noel meets him and Spook says he is going to trade bodies with him.

He tries to tell everyone and they think his imagination is running wild. His parents try to understand Noel but they aren't listening.

This book is about listening and understanding when a child is asking people for help.

What happens next? You will have to read further. Its about friendship and deception.

My son thinks his parents never listen to him which is why he says he relates to Noel.