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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Teething Toys PLUS Pacifier Clip/Teether Holder 

We were lucky to receive these teether toys for Mikaela for pur honest and unbiased opinion. It couldn't have come at a perfect time. 

Mikaela has been having teeth come in like crazy and we have done everything to help her push it along. As soon as these arrived, she took them immediately! She was gnawing and chewing on them constantly. We have had them for a while now and she carries them everywhere she goes. It seems that it gives her great relief and she no longer is crying constantly. Either way we are grateful for these products. 

They are also cute designs as well that my daughter loves. It also attracts pur son Isaiah because he is obsessed with trains at this time. Yet they both play with them and share. 
Love this product and highly recommend to everyone

Smooth Viking Beard care!

We had the great pleasure of getting this beard care kit from smooth Viking to try put for my husbands long duck dynasty type beard

As you can see he has a long duck dynasty type beard that he needs to take care of. He used to grab ahold of !y conditioner and use large quantities in order to keep it soft and less stiff like a Bristol brush.

Let's start with the beard oil. This is great for him because he says that it takes or reduces the itchiness that his beard some times gives him. He loves the softness and relief he gets from using this. The kids love to pull on his beard and he says the aftermath is a sore itchy beard. 

He also combines it with the beard conditioner which also (balm) helps with the itching but also gives him the extra conditioner that he needs throughout his day too day activities. It smooths the bristle type texture into a soft smooth beard (like your hair after a good conditioning). This enables him to hold the kids without them screaming he is scratching them. 

Lastly the Beard Balm. This is what he uses when the other two do not smooth his beard to where he needs it. He usually uses this when we go out and celebrate birthdays or go to work functions. He says this condioning type balm lasts longer and give him the extra softness that he needs. 

All three in combination is great. At night when I snuggle up to him, I do not cringe anymore at the roughness of his beard and it smells great. We are (especially me and the kids) love this care kit. It makes him not want to shave it and keeps the hubby happy! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil Reviews Powered by BrandBacker

Thanks to, I was able to review these amazing essential oils. They were perfect for our house and for my diffuser. 

First is peppermint. It is very strong but in a good way. I use about half a dropper Ann's it instantly soothes and clears my sinuses. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia last week and I have been clogged and having issues with breathing. When I used this product in my bathroom in conjunction with my nightly bubble bath, it helped me relax and breathe as if I wasn't sick at all. York peppermint patty or candy canes is what it reminds me of. 

Lemon. This one is perfect for my living. I use this for my diffuser down in the main area. It gives it an elegant citrus smell that reminds my senses of clean and refreshed. It spreads throughout my house and give a clean house feeling which is perfect for company. 

I  recommendedhese products and they will give your home a homey feel while relaxing you as well. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#1 Portable High Chair + Toddler Safety Harness by Yochi Yochi

I had the pleasure to review this wonderful portable high chair. This chair is perfect for those who have little ones that want to be big boys yet cannot sit still long enough to be trusted to be in a regular chair. My son who is 2 is very independent and wants to be like his older brother. He hate his high chair and our daughter is now 1 and is old enough to use his "baby high chair" as he calls it. This couldn't have come at a better time. 

It is perfect because it can adjust to any chair and he cannot move around or out of it. It can double as a harness as well but we tend to not harness pur children just because they are independent and would rather hold our hands. In the picture he is pulled away from the table and has a rubber duckies in his mouth. It was the only way he would let me take a picture. 

The best part of this highchair is that it is portable and you can clean it. We were able to test this out also when we went to cracker barrel and it worked beautifully. He kept saying he was a big boy and felt that we were treating him as one as well. To be honest, these straps are cleaner and more sturdy than any straps you would come across on a high chair and we feel he is safe in this. I love this product and it will now be my go to highchair for when my kids grow older (toddlers).

12-in-1 Headband [Vivid] - Versatile Sports Headwear by tough headgear

I had the pleasure of reviewing this beautiful headband for my daughter and it is quite a site. It was set up perfectly to fit her head and fell nicely to adjust to her condition. My daughter has Craniostynosis and has a few scars on her head from surgeries. This headband helps cover the scars from unwanted unsolicited comments and makes her more beautiful than she already is. 

It can be adjusted to fit whichever need you want to use it for. Headband. Neck gator. Scarf. You name it and it can be used for it. 

There are many different style and colors to fit anyone's taste. Plus it can stretch to fit any size human or tiny human. The material is nice and silky so that it doesn't over heat. It is also thick enough to assist in the cold weather. 

Such a great product! 

Rubber Ducky your the one

These rubber duckies are perfect for little ones! My daughter loves them, especially for bath time. She quacks at them while they are swimming in the tub and tries to swim or imitate them in the water.

When out of the water, she chews (as seen in the picture) and lines them up on the ground and still quacks with them. It has brought great joy in our household and she adores them to where she sleeps with them at night.

Perfect toys for little ones who are learning to play with toys as well as not hindering or becoming a choking hazard.

It was a pleasure to review these duckies for my honest and unbiased opinion. It has brought joy and fun for our whole family. But especially my daughter.

Hori Hori Knife

Let me tell you about this knife! It is amazing! We are a huge gardening family and it is perfect for our needs. It is perfectly rounded to double as a shovel and has sharp edges to function as a knife. 

I am able to prep my garden and when the fruits and vegis bloom, cut right there on the spot. No need for extra tool or gadgets to clutter or confuse us. 

I will warn, the edges are sharp, so please keep away from children. It comes with a sturdy sheath to ensure the edges are protected for storage. 

I'm so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my unbiased and honest opinion. It is my own and had no influence. Not everyone will agree with it, but it is my own. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Abigail and the Shahara Adventure

We had the pleasure to read another book in the Abigail series

I have been sick with walking pneumonia and my middle son Isaiah wanted to read to mommy while she was sick and snuggled at my feet with the tablet. We read through the Jungle book as well as this Saharar book. This one was unique to the others because I felt it stressed more on family values. To Isaiah it meant he spent more time with mom expressing his ability to read and speak. Wit his speech problems this boo! He sailed through reading and describing every page with enjoyment and understanding. To !e it is almost a miracle that he has progressed so much since reading this series and this book Sahara Adventure proved his learning. I didn't even have to read it to him him first. He just picked it up and started reading on his own. He recalled Abigail his sissy or in his words "baby" to relate it to his younger sister Mikaela. He read it then explained how much enjoyment it gave him and then read it 50 times more.

I highly recommend these books for those who have children who has speech development delays or expressive delays because these books will bring the best of your child. 

Reading is an adventure in our house

 Isaiah loves reading Abigail adventure books because it opens up his love for exploring and his own sense of adventure. It was difficult to get him to not look at the camera while he was reading this because he loves the camera.
Once he looked away it was perfect because he has been learning so much from these books. This one was his second book of their wonderful series and his speech has opened up tremendously since we started this series.

As in previous posts, traveling is a big part of our family. While all of our family tracked with our three kids have been stateside, this give him an outlook on what is further in the world to explore.

For Isaiah our 2 almost three year old is important. Because he has Craniostynosis and is behind in speech.. This is our time to spend to work on his condition and open up his vocabulary as well as increase his learning.

His speech has significantly improved with this series because it has peaked his interest and for this book I'm particular he loved leaning about the jungle and the animals. He made sound effects on every page and it kept him involved to explain to me how he loved this book. I haven't been able to keep my tablet away from him these days because he is recognizing words and reading it to me. For most parents it might not be a big deal but for Isaiah, this is a huge leap. No more tantrums on me not understanding him and no more meltdowns. The communication gap is non existent with this book. And many in this series. I has brought our family closer.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

ABIGAIL And The North Pole Adventure

I had the opportunity to review an awesome EBook called Abigail and the North Pole Adventure. Once I received it, I immediately sat down and read to my three kids. My oldest didn't seem interested but what 9 year old is. My two year old son and 11 month old daughter loved it! They asked me to review it over and over throughout the day. My son even took the tablet away to try and read it to himself. 

We are a military family. With me being active duty army, we move constantly and we (my husband and I) try to take our kids to unique locations for education and exploring. This book touches on traveling and exploring and I think that is why it appeals to my children. Exploring has been their lives. My two year old has already live in 4 different states, my 9 year old 7 and the 11 month old has lived in 2. Everyone seems to judge on how moving around is horrible and no stability but this book shows them how lucky they are in exploring and learning new locations. Now they want to see penguins and igloos because of this book. I think we will take them to an aquarium or zoo for that portion. This book opens their eyes to new possibilities and new exploring. 

It also is an easy read as well. I caught my 9 year old reading it to them when our 2 year old begged him. It creates a bonding in the house and also teaches and pushes my oldest to read more. 

The best part is that is you have Amazon Prime, it is eligible for promotion credit, so all those slow shoppings you have done, you can use those credits to purchase. 

I highly recommend this book to traveling or military families or even families that have little children. It is a cute book that can create bonding. 

Love this protein supplement to help with my increased workouts to ensure that I am getting the right amount of proteins in my body to ensure it doesn't break down. The best part of this is the taste. I had the Vanilla shakes and they are so delicious. Too many times people struggle with taking protein supplements because they taste horrible. This will not be the case with this one. Only one protein supplement is all you need for the day.

I take an average of 2,000 calories a day and this has been working with me on my workouts as well. I do insanity and cross fit. As well as being in the army conducting the physical fitness regime of the day. You will not be disappointed in this supplement. It wil give you the protein and energy that you are missing in your diet.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

These are beautiful stainless steel wine glasses. They are exceptionally pretty to look at. With that being said, they keep the wine chilled and pleasantly tasting compared to a typical wine glass. The coldest eminates throughout and he steel doesn't let the wine warm (unless you desire unchilled wine).I drink a lot of wine and different kinds as well as different temperatures. The best part is the sturdiness. I can place the wine glass klumsily on the table with my kids hanging on my legs and not have to worry about shattering the glass. Plus the maintenance cleaning is key. It rinses easily and you not fighting scrubbing residue or worrying about staining. 
Absolutely love this bowl, fork and spoon set for my daughter. It is perfect material for her to grasp as well as sculpted to her type of size. She loves the color corrdination of the set as well as using this for her small meals. She will not let me use any other set to feed her now. She instantly fell in love with this as soon as it arrived. For me this set is great because sit is easy to clean and doesn't stain from the baby food. Usually I have an issue with sweet potatoes or carrots with baby dishes and them staining.not with this. 
As with any other hat, my 2 year old takes everything from me and uses it. He is particularly fond of this one the most. It is very thick and warm. My son has Craniostynosis which is the premature fusion of the skull. Warmth of his head is key priority for me and my husband for our son and daughter who have the same conditions. Living in Colorado finding the correct hat that provides the right protection from the cold air as possible. This thick hat is perfect for him. He loves it and it keeps him warm. He has literally had it on for 36 hours straight. 
I love the Yankees as well as I am a baby wearing momma. So when amazon published their lightning deal for a NY Yankee Moby wrap, I had to purchase it. Upon arrival I received them outer casing of the wrap was made of the same material and had NY Yankees engraved with it as well. It came with instructions, and frankly these instruction were so much more simpler and easier to understand than the wrap I purchased 3 years ago. It came with the MLB official product stamp and was perfect for immediate use. I love this wrap because it gives me a chance to walk in style with my baby as well as show my love for my favorite team! That material is also much softer.

Great natural sponge for cleaning the face. It is perfect for deep cleansing, detoxifying and hydrating/moistureizing your face to target acne or oily skin. This has been a life saver this past week with my long extended hours at work. When I get stressed I tend to rub and place my hands all over my face and my skin pays for it throughout the day. Instructions are easy to use as well for those who are afraid to use charcoal.

1. soak sponge in water until fully soft (takes about 1 minute)
2. Massage in a circular manner on your face with or without your favorite face cleanser

Maintenance of this product is easy as well. As soon as you are finished, you rinse the sponge and press with both hands until dry. Hang in a high location away from children to fully dry.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The hat is so cute. My son Isaiah took it from me as soon as it arrived. He is two. It is a little oversized on him but he runs around the house saying I am the king. A great costume hat for special occasions or to just have your kids run around and play dress up. It has switched back and forth between this hat and his life hat. The jewels are places on securely which is a plus because if Isaiah can tear it off it would have already been town off. Such a great product to help enhance children's imagination

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

One of my favorite sites to sample new organic meals for my kids is

Recently I was selected to throw a modern tables meal party for me and 21 of my mommy friends to sample what there is to offer as a more healthy practical meal.

The food was vary delicious. For our family that quick meals are a necessity, this product fit the bill. Yummy organic pasta that is quick and easy to prepare.

Their motto:
We understand that life can get a little crazy at times. When it does, you shouldn't have to compromise nutrition for convenience when it comes to family mealtime. That's why Modern Table decided to make it easy to bring healthy, exciting, and yummy meals to our busy lives. 

I'm very impressed with this stethoscope. I have friends and family that are doctors and have taught me the importance of having a product like this around the house for my 2 youngest children who require frequent medical attention. It is a great product.

The first thing I was impressed with is the packaging and care the seller placed in the product for arrival. Once I unwrapped it, (like Christmas all over), I was immediate impressed with the look and weight of the scope. I had to try it out right away, so I called my son over, and the clarity was impeccable! It was not muffled nor did I struggle trying to hear his airway, breathing or heart beat.

This is hospital grade quality that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you have special needs children, invest in this to have with your "medical box", you will not be disappointed.

Want one?
I love these cupcake tea cup molds. I make a ton of muffins and these are perfect for tea parties (muffins in tea cups), parties or showers. These mold are perfect for baking and displaying when you need and once it is removed from the oven, it is already display ready. Such a createful invention that takes an extra step out of getting your house or party ready or company.

My kids think that these taste better in the tea cup then in the muffin pan, so for me it is a win win because it gets them to eat.

As you can see Isaiah loves them too. He wouldn't let go until I cooked them. 

Want it for yourself?
Another unique item I reviewed. I love finding unique iPhone cases that make me stand out over others and having something pretty and impossible to find in a Department store.

Beautiful elegant case that will make you stand out (in a great way) among your friends. Do you want a unique case that is beautiful and has the perfect amount of jewels.

This case fits perfectly over the iPhone 6 and at no point did I fuss or struggle with installing it. I received the blue case and it sparkles and shines. I love the unique design and beautiful artwork. I have received many compliments and asked where I have gotten this case. It brings out my eyes while I am texting and talking. In all seriousness this caasenis unlike others and the durability and grip ensures that it doesnt slip if place on a surface or do not have a perfect grip.

Want it for yourself?
Such a cute tea infuser that is unlike you have ever seen. I think these are so adorable and love using them. So easy and simple to use. Simply twist at the waist, pull apart and insert your desired loose leaf tea. Place the two pieces back together and place Mr. tea on the rim of your glass and have him chill as if he is soaking in the hit tub.

Once complete with the desired amount of flavor, just remove, twist at the waist, and dispose of the used tea leaves. Cleaning is simple, no scrubbing, you can just rinse if desired.

I loved reviewing this product because I'm a huge loose leaf tea drinker and this is unique. 

Want this for yourself?