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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

These are the cutest rattles that I have seen to date. My daughter loves playing with these. It is nicely knitted and perfected to a T on how they are shaped. My daughter grips these and will shake them for hours. she even prefers sleeping with this rattle as well and talks to her frog. If you are looking for something unique and something that will occupy your child for hours, this is the product for you. the rattle is perfect as well. Not overwhelming noise to distract you, it is barely noticeable.

While we go the frog as the rattle, there are other shapes and designs to choose from.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

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Monday, July 6, 2015

I know what you are thinking, do these really work? Well I will tell you my story and then you decide for yourself if it is right for you. I was once one of those skeptics on thinking "how can a necklace actually help my child with teething?"

Well let me tell you it does work and it works well. Let's start with my 3 year old, he has craniosysnostosis, which is the premature fusion of the skull. So he has had head surgeries. With that, he developed an infection with his first surgery and has had a bunch of teeth extracted and now that they are starting to grow and replace, teething is more difficult for him. Since he has had this necklace, he sleeps through the night and does not wake up screaming in pain.

My daughter, she is 1 years old. This has been instrumental in helping with her drool and her pain as well. She sleeps through the night and there is no need for Tylenol or Advil. Also there is no need for teething tablets for her either. This necklace works wonders and I am a believer.

I even recommended to a friend who was having issues with her son as well. She purchased this and she saw immediate (within 15 minutes) results.

Still not convinced. So my husband and I weren't either at first. So I have frequent wrist and hand pain from carpal tunnel. I placed this on my wrist and wrapped it around and wore it as a bracelet. It took the pain away as well.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion at a reduced rate.

Buy now! You won't regret it

What can I say about this? Well I was looking for something to help me out in the bathroom to clean and organize my children's bath toys. I am sick and tired of seeing toys everywhere or worse yet, stepping on their toys when I walk into their bathroom. Well with this mesh bag, it is east to place, there are two hooks to hold the bag in place as well as an additional two suction cups to help keep the bag upright and attached to the bathtub. MY favorite part is the mesh. I do not have to worry about water being trapped in the container because it is made of mesh and will drain right into the tub. Mildew be gone.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion at a reduced rate.

Want one for yourself?

So you know how it is, your little one is sick, you are fighting with them to get their temperature and they wont sit still long enough for you to hold it in their mouth, forehead...etc. Or you are trying to find a cool surface or a heated surface and you want to ensure that you have the correct temperature, but how do you do it? Or the room is sweltering hot and you want to know what the temperature of the house is. Well let me say this, you can accomplish all of those in one sitting with this device.

I will say this, I will never use anything else again for measuring the temperature of my daughter and sons. They just stand in front of me and I press the large circular button down and it takes it instantly. There are three modes, the top button on the left will change the modes. head, surface and room. The infrared makes it so easy and you don't even need to have the thermometer touch anything it does it from a distance.

To turn it off you hold the button on the right side down and it will turn it off to save battery (which are included).

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion for free

This is by far the best thermometer I have ever owned or used

These are bright and reflective for when you are running. I use these on my wrists when I am out for my early morning jog or my late night jog. It is so reflective that I can see myself almost light up when cars are coming. My daughter loves them as well. she is one and she attaches them to her ankles for when we go on a walk together in the stroller (well I run and she sits in the stroller). When the sun starts to set she waves her feet around when cars come near. It has been very instrumental and helpful for traffic to see where we are.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion

Want some for yourself

This compass is amazing. I love it because it is designed to mirror the military grade compasses that we use for land navigation. I am active duty and I love my issued compass, but as with everything that is issued, if it cost a lot of money, then the likelihood of taking it home is non-existent.
When I was given the opportunity to review this I did not have high expectations, because lets face it, I have the higher quality stuff at work. Well let me let you in on a secret. This Compass is better than the one that I have issued. I cherish this compass because it functions the same as my work one, but it doesn't weigh five thousand pounds (an exaggeration) as my work compass does.

My husband is a Marine, so he too was impressed on the design as well as the mirror image but a fraction of the weight that our issued one has.

It is easy to use and has mechanisms in place to keep the compass steady and safe. There is a lock that is placed over the lens for placement and procttection and a ring lock to keep the whole system in place. When you are ready to use, you open the main lock. open the whole device and take the lens lock and pull it towards you. Now your compass is ready for you, point and shoot. This is great for land nav by dead reckoning or terrain association. Either way you will not be disappointed.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion at a reduced rate

Buy one you will not be disappointed