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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading is an adventure in our house

 Isaiah loves reading Abigail adventure books because it opens up his love for exploring and his own sense of adventure. It was difficult to get him to not look at the camera while he was reading this because he loves the camera.
Once he looked away it was perfect because he has been learning so much from these books. This one was his second book of their wonderful series and his speech has opened up tremendously since we started this series.

As in previous posts, traveling is a big part of our family. While all of our family tracked with our three kids have been stateside, this give him an outlook on what is further in the world to explore.

For Isaiah our 2 almost three year old is important. Because he has Craniostynosis and is behind in speech.. This is our time to spend to work on his condition and open up his vocabulary as well as increase his learning.

His speech has significantly improved with this series because it has peaked his interest and for this book I'm particular he loved leaning about the jungle and the animals. He made sound effects on every page and it kept him involved to explain to me how he loved this book. I haven't been able to keep my tablet away from him these days because he is recognizing words and reading it to me. For most parents it might not be a big deal but for Isaiah, this is a huge leap. No more tantrums on me not understanding him and no more meltdowns. The communication gap is non existent with this book. And many in this series. I has brought our family closer.

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