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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Great Binky clips! I truly mean that. These clips have saved me many times from losing binkies as well as ensuring I don't drop them on the floor.

I will use today as my review story. usually when I travel with my daughter she likes to throw her binkies everywhere and it is usually not where I want them to go.

So today we used the clips. Not one of them but all three of them. The first clip, I clipped to the side of her car seat (the cloth portion, not any place that could potentially cause any harm in a incident type situation). Each time she attempted to throw her Binky, it was saved from the ground by this strap.

The second I had clipped to the front of my dress. I have an Ergo carrier so this was an ideal place for me to place it for when I am front carrying her.

The third clip was clipped to my husbands back. Now hear me out, She wanted the carrier to be on the back this time. Today was the first time that she wanted this. So we used the clip to clip on my husband's flannel to hold the binky for so she wouldn't lose it in the store or toss it if she didn't want it anymore.

All three clips that we use had withstood the strength and tantrums of my daughter each time and saved us from dropping Binkies across the store or the vehicle.

My daughter is 1 and she recently suffered from an almost fatal instance of RSV so for the past month she has been on oxygen. These clips were life savers for her constant desire for a Binky to calm her down.

I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Want one for yourself?

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