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Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Carry Potty

At the point I received this, I was pretty much desperate to find something to get my 2 year old soon to be three year old to pee in the potty. He is stubborn and knows what to do and when he should, yet he chooses to go when he pleases. I'm so sick of diapers for him because to me it is a waste of money.

We all my worries disappeared when my carry potty came into play. At first when I saw this I immediately thought of my 1 year old daughter and thought this would be perfect to start her potty training. Well that all changed when it arrived at the house. Isaiah my two year old started jumping with joy and begged to use it.

So he started using it. Everywhere. I mean we take it everywhere because he willfully and always uses it.

It is portable and has a handle and you can carry it everywhere. He brings it everywhere. Plus I comes with a potty book and a poster with achievement stickers. Each time he goes, he gets a sticker. He loves it so much.

Here he is joyful using it

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity and to be chosen to review this for my honest and unbiased opinion. It has truly been a lifesaver (or should I say money saver) on our house!

Want one for yourself? Order here!