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Sunday, May 3, 2015


Great Baby bibs that give a unique Bandana look to your child. My husband wear bandanas all the time so he was tickled pink when he saw that I got these for our baby daughter. She has been feeding herself and being stubborn and not allowing my husband or I to feed her because she wants to do it herself. With this, she makes a big mess all over herself. And if she is wearing clothes at the time then she get this all over her clothes. These bibs are perfect is catching and stopping the food from making a mess on her clothes.

It has two snaps in the back to adjust to where you need it to be on your child. My favorite part is the smooth feeling of the underneath to the bib. I am comfortable in placing this bib with the softness of the back side on my daughter without clothes. The fleecy soft feel definitely give it a big boost.

It also comes with a Binky clip. My daughter rarely uses these but when she is teething she uses her binky for relief. This clip is instrumental in ensure that I no longer lose the binky. We have gone through so many because she likes to throw them. Of course they are not lost forever, of course, when I go buy new ones they mysteriously appear. This clip ensures I no longer have to worry about where they disappear to because they just dangle. It is also great for travel as well. It ensures the binky does not fall to the floor.

The other great use for this is for teething. With teething, my daughter drools a whole ton. This bib ensures that she does not soak her clothes of herself.

Want one for yourself?
I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion

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