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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Double Camping Hammocks

This is a great hammock that is perfect for hiking and camping. My family used this for one of our camping trips. My husband let the kids pile into the tent and he used this to sleep with my one year old daughter and himself for when the kids would settle in the tent. It was comfy and sturdy to hold him comfortably as well as our daughter and they enjoyed the night watching the stars.
It is very light to carry and easy to place in the carry bag that is included. I was astonished with the lightness and the ease of putting it back in the bag it came with to place in the hiking backpack once they were complete with their trip. It is fairly large as well. It can hold comfortably 2 large people in it and makes it for a great night out in the wild.
I am so grateful I was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion at a reduced rate

Perfect! Buy one for yourself here:

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